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It’s not just a garbage bag.

It’s a smart waste management solution.

The REGARD® Right-Size Solution means your customers can manage waste more efficiently and sustainably, at lower cost. In English

The Smart Choice.

REGARD® can liners use a blend of high-performance virgin and recycled resins to make a thinner bag with the quality, consistency and strength to outperform competitive products. That means you pay for less plastic. And, when you right-size your can liner program using our Right-Size Tool, you save even more!

Let's Talk Sustainability

In partnership with Plastic Bank® to include Social Plastic® in our product’s manufacturing, 88,000 lbs of ocean bound resin is diverted annually for use in manufacturing the REGARD® line. This program helps fight ocean plastic pollution and provides income opportunities to impoverished communities worldwide.

    REGARD® offers environmentally friendlier bags made from a combination of virgin and recycled materials:

  • Post-Indsutrial trimmings and scraps from the production process that would otherwise go into the waste stream • 
  • Post-consumer material from blue box residential programs, recycled to produce a new product

And that’s not all! Our packaging, included corrugated and retail boxes, is made with 100% recycled paper, licensed and certified.

Right-Size With REGARD®

Did you know that ordering one size bag for a range of different receptacles drives up maintaince costs? ill-fitting bags increase both materialand labour. Why pay more than you need to? Make the smarter choice with our easy-to-use REGARD® Right-Size Tool:

Choose The Shape of your Receptacle

Enter Receptacle Dimensions

Recommended Bag Size:

How to measure round receptacles

How to measure square receptacles